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Meet Dan Padbury


I am a debut author travelling the world as a modern-day Hemingway. My writing is informed by the people I meet and the experiences I have had.

I have led a charmed life and in my 51 years, I have seen things many can only dream of. I had a successful career in banking and technology and am now in a new chapter.

I have lived and worked in London, Hong Kong, and Singapore. I have travelled to 80+ countries. Currently, I am in Peru having travelled overland from Mexico. Next stops are Bolivia and Argentina.

I started writing in October 2021 and have persisted ever since with 2,000 words a day. I write sci-fi, eco-fiction, and the odd dystopian thriller . . . basically anything that comes to mind and excites me.

My main hobbies are rugby and spontaneous travel. Lover of fine wines, sushi, Szechuan, and Asian food. Ambitious, generous, creative, impatient, impulsive, globetrotter. High-risk, unconventional, and passionate.

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